Child Custody & Visitation in New Jersey

Our experienced and dedicated attorneys can assist you with all child custody and child visitation arrangements.

child-supportOur aggressive and passionate attorneys will fight for the best interests of children involved in a divorce or separation. New Jersey law states that all child custody decisions are to be made with the child or children’s best interest always at heart. This is a commitment that we take very seriously and are sworn to protect for our clients.

If you think you and your spouse might be headed for a divorce or are already going through a divorce in the state of New York or New Jersey, our expert Divorce and Child Custody attorneys will give you a CONSULTATION. Please call our office today and let us fight for your rights!

The difference between physical custody and legal custody can become quite confusing. Giro Attorneys at Law can help you to better understand these difficult and confusing terms so that you will be able to reach the divorce settlement terms that please you.

Physical Custody

This is defined as being the parent that will live with and spend a majority of the time with. Physical custody is usually shared between two parents, but is typically granted to only one parent. Even though one parent may have physical custody over a child, the opposing parent will usually have overnight visitations during weekends and holidays.

Legal Custody

This is defined as having the legal authority in all decision making involved with your child or children. New Jersey courts typically rule in favor of both parents sharing legal custody. These decision making authorities can include but or not limited to religion, medical and educational decisions. Particular instances where one parent may be awarded sole legal custody would be if the opposing parent is absent or presents a danger to the child’s well-being.

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