Child Support Enforcement in New Jersey

We  ensure that every child receives the financial support they require by either parent.

child-supportChild support issues can escalate quickly and become a burden on both parents. If the child lives in your custody for a majority of the time, you may find yourself behind on crucial bills that you were going to pay with the child support payments that never arrived. If you are the parent responsible for making monthly support payments to your former spouse, perhaps you have found yourself struggling to keep up with your own bills and the rising child support payments.

If you have a child and are currently not in a relationship with the other parent and do not receive monthly child support payments, please contact us immediately so we can begin constructing a solution for your family. If you currently pay monthly child support payments to your ex spouse to support your child and feel that you are paying more than you can afford to, our expert Divorce Attorneys can assist you in recalculating the payments to a more fair amount. Do not let your required back child support payments become out of control. If this has happened to you and you need an aggressive qualified child support attorney to help you with your options, please call us today to schedule a CONSULTATION with our reputable and well qualified NJ Divorce Attorneys.

Enforcement of Child Support Orders

If a court orders a parent to make monthly child support payments to help provide for the common child, that parent cannot refuse to make the payments regardless if there is a dispute over visitation or any other issue. If your child’s other parent has failed to or refuses to pay the required monthly child support payments to you, we will fight and protect for your family’s rights by petitioning for the courts to deduct the payments directly from the other parent’s paycheck. If this process does not correct the issue, our attorneys can petition for more strict and severe penalties. If you currently are making child support payments to your former spouse and the other parent of your child refuses to allow you court ordered visitation with the child, we can assist in petitioning for the courts to impose penalties on the other parent as well.

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