Prenuptial Agreement in New Jersey

With the extremely complex nature of the equitable distribution laws today, it is of great urgency and necessity to have a professional and experienced New Jersey prenuptial agreement attorney draw up the documents.

prenuptial-agreement-njUpon committing to marriage, you pledge not only to spend the rest of your life with your partner, but you are also committing to a very serious legal and economic relationship. Our aggressive and highly experienced attorneys can help to guide you through the planning and preparation of a premarital agreement before committing to the marriage. In order to properly design and execute a thorough prenuptial agreement, Giro Attorneys at Law will sit down with you and evaluate both parties finances and property. Regardless of your community status or your age, getting a professional Family Law and Divorce Attorney to assist you in establishing and executing a sound prenuptial agreement can save you countless headaches and court fees down the road.

If you are planning on getting married to your spouse and are in need of a New York or New Jersey prenuptial agreement attorney, please call us today to schedule your CONSULTATION.

Common Questions Regarding Prenuptial Agreement

Our qualified lawyers will thoroughly cover many issues in regards to your prenuptial agreement and gladly answer any questions that you may have. Some common relevant questions may include:

  • Will my business and home become marital property after the marriage?
  • Why shouldn’t I just use one of the do-it-yourself prenuptial agreements I found online?
  • What can my prenuptial agreement cover?
  • Can I get a postnuptial agreement?

Regardless of your marital status or future wedding date, it is never too early or too late to construct a personalized prenuptial agreement.

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How a Prenuptial Agreement can protect your business interests

If you or your partner own a business and are considering getting married, we highly recommend consulting with one of our reputable NJ prenuptial agreement attorneys immediately. Giro Attorneys at Law have helped countless couples to get a prenuptial agreement in place in order to protect their best interest.

What can a Prenuptial Agreement do for my business?

  • Specifying how the business interest you owned before the marriage will be kept separate from the marital property;
  • Specifying how your family business will remain with your family in the event that you pass away or get divorced;
  • Assuring your business partners that they will retain control of your business if you pass away, become disabled or divorced;
  • Giving you peace of mind that any increase in value of your business during the marriage will not be considered marital property;
  • Ensuring that if your spouse’s business grows during the course of the marriage, you will receive a fair share for that growth.

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