Spousal, Child, Paternity Law

Spousal, Child, & Paternity Law

We at Giro Attorneys At Law, offer assistance and legal advice to our clients with all paternity, spousal, support modifications, custody and visitation arrangements. This is a commitment that we take very seriously and sworn that we will protect our clients’ rights.

Custody & Visitation

Our experienced and dedicated attorneys can assist you with all custody and visitation arrangements. New Jersey law states that all custody decisions are to be made with the child’s best interest always at heart. This is a commitment that we take very seriously and are sworn to protect for our clients.

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Spousal & Child Support

The states of New Jersey have laws in place requiring all parents to provide financial support for their children. In most cases, regardless if the parents are not married or in a relationship, the courts can still order non-custodial parents to provide the co-parent with proper resources to care for the child. Our experienced and dedicated Divorce Attorneys will personally sit down with you and take the time to explain your rights and your options in regards to NJ support guidelines.

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Pursuant with both NY & NJ state law, both parents are responsible for supporting their child and maintaining a healthy relationship with them as well. In certain cases when the father is unknown or in question, the state can order a paternity DNA test be taken to confirm the identity of the actual father. The courts will then use the results of the DNA test as evidence of the father’s identity.

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